Your personal 1:1 Strategy Session

How to become an absolute overachiever by learning how to learn. Contrary to what many people believe, learning is a skill like business analysis, programming, craftsmanship, or playing the piano, that can be perfected. It is not some fixed ability we are born with. 

Learning is a skill - Overachievers are the best learners!

I can show you how to become an Overachiever, even if you haven't attended a trilingual kindergarten!

In the next 48 hours, I have reserved time for a strategy session, in which I will talk to you about how you can gain the ultimate advantage and become an overachiever through logically successive implementation steps!

About me

At the age of 16, I started studying alongside school. At the proud age of 18, I then had a Bachelor of Mathematics. But I wasn't always an overachiever, I was mediocre at school for many years. At some point, however, I had enough of feeling bad about myself in a narrow-minded world where intelligence is only measured academically. So it came about that at the age of 14 I finally decided to become the statistical exception - even though my teachers had categorized me as average at best.

I know that I can help you too! Because I have developed my own original methods and principles on my way of extremely rapid learning and repeatedly applied them successfully for myself and other people within the Overachiever Academy.

Benefits of the Overachiever Academy

  •  Learn how to learn and master any skill in no time with ease
  •  Master the art of thinking and become an excellent problem solver 
  •  Condition yourself to become disciplined and achieve your goals
  •  Train yourself in working effectively and efficiently with exceptional speed
  •  Experience how to unleash your creativity and become an idea machine
  •  Change your paradigms and realize your freedom, power, and wisdom
  •  Discover your own human potential for learning and change your life

Learning is the most valuable skill

in the digital age

In the face of constant technological change, it is an absolute necessity to always be up to date in terms of skills. The times when you learned a job or a single skill without worrying about emerging techniques and trends are long gone. 

The importance of learning is rising constantly. Companies have to be adaptive, creative, and skillful to stay relevant. This is required not only at the corporate but also at the employee level. Our outdated education system has not prepared society for these challenges. The Overachiever Academy will take on this responsibility.

It's not about mediocre results, but about how you can achieve excellence in a new skill in the shortest possible time and how you can stand out from your industry. Finding a mentor is just as essential on this path.

Can you recognize yourself here? 

  • You are hungry for knowledge and learning. Achieving your goals is of most importance to you. 
  • You are someone who sees opportunities and takes risks to become an overachiever.
  • You are open to master unconventional skills to achieve mastery in learning, thinking, and creativity.
  • You are comfortable with the thought of reshaping your whole thinking and expanding your horizon, to bring your career to the next level. 
  • You are someone with clear goals, and you are ready to take the necessary steps.
  • You are a student, self-employed, or an employee

If the description fits you, then apply now

We will speak soon!

I am counting on you! 

- Eliès -